Hi! I'm Crystal

I'm a food and product photographer, food stylist and dog mom. You can always find the Food Network on one or all of my devices, low key cheering on my fav chefs. Bring on the food comps!

As a photographer and stylist, I literally get to play with my food all day, but collaborating with brands and bringing my client's products and recipes to life is one of my favourite parts of my creative job. I’m thrilled that you’re here!

Life has thrown me my own set of challenges, but in overcoming them, I’ve fallen in love with food all over again. For eight years I struggled with sinus issues that got so bad I lost my sense of smell and taste. Since food was such a big passion of mine, that was devastating. Eventually, I discovered that I was able to manage my symptoms through nutrition, and while navigating a new dairy and gluten free culinary world, my food photography journey began. I was so excited to create new recipes, revamp old favourites and create beautiful things.

I truly believe a photo has the power to convey flavour, evoke emotion and cultivate memories. For me, it’s perogies. When I see that image,  I’m immediately transported back to my grandmother’s kitchen, hand rolling perogie dough; covered in flour. It brings me so much joy to create images that others can relate to, that are attainable and awaken all of our senses.

Let’s create some memorable moments shall we?




Professional food photography for brands who want to stand apart and showcase their products in creative and innovative ways.

recipe development

Creating recipes using your products in new ways is added value to you and your audience.

visual branding

A fresh and cohesive look will keep your audience engaged and wanting more!

Brands I've worked with